Our Mission

Our mission is to assist your child in any style that he/she may learn best in while providing an environment that is safe, clean, warm, positive and responsive. Children are natural thinkers and reflective problem solvers. Children construct knowledge in a natural way. We will work with the child's natural inclination to explore and solve problems. We believe this motivates learning for success in your child's school readiness and future.

Our Curriculum

Our center follows the Creative Curriculum. This curriculum is designed to challenge our children, build their self confidence and, most importantly, develop a love for learning. Our multicultural based curriculum encourages learning through arts, language, music, and socialization.

We believe in age-appropriate learning based on the philosophy of a structured learning environment with the ability for creative expression. This nationally known approach, built upon learning theory and scientific knowledge of child development from early infancy through preschool years, focuses on teacher-directed and child-initiated learning.

The curriculum is goal-directed, based on ongoing assessments for each child’s strengths and interests. With this information, learning can be guided while the child’s social and emotional development is supported. Recognizing the important role of parents and family as partners in the young child’s education, we will keep parents informed of the goals in the classroom and of how learning can be reinforced at home.

Our Philosophy

We believe that each child is unique in his/her own development and has the right to become the very best person that he/she is capable of becoming. We also believe that he/she has the right to grow up and learn in a wholesome environment that will provide early training in the life of a child and will have the greatest impact on his/her future learning. Thus, the Director, and the Staff dedicate their time and efforts toward the following goals:

  • Provide a safe, healthy, clean and secure environment supported by nurturing, caring and enthusiastic parents and teachers.
  • Encouraging each child's optimum potential through developmentally appropriate activities using creativity, problem solving, imagination, and experimentation.
  • Fostering positive attitudes towards life and school which lay a foundation for experience in future years.
  • Encouraging the development of a positive self-image.
  • Providing comfort, convenience, and peace of mind for working parents.
  • Encouraging the learning of responsibility at school, home, and in the community.
  • Promoting an educational environment that fosters academic excellence and active learning.
  • The parent, and staff will bond together to be partners for the education of their child.

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