Multiethnic group of elementary school children lying on the floor and playing with wooden blocks after classes

As an increasing number of parents today are spending more time at work and less time at home, after-school enrichment programs become increasingly popular. They often take on the role of not just occupying kids when parents are not around after school, but to also value-add their kid’s education and development and cater to the demands school and society have on the young generation. After-school enrichment programs are great ways your kid can spend some time having fun while learning in a relaxed environment, apart from just spending the time to complete school homework at home. It is necessary to consider various factors before deciding on whether sending your kid to an after-school enrichment program. Here are 3 main reasons why after-school enrichment programs are good for your kid.

Having More Opportunities to Socialize with Others

Although attending school is one of the ways kids may learn to socialize, there are limitations. In a structured environment where they mingle during break time, lessons and free time, it would be more beneficial when socialization is not confined to just the four walls of the classroom. At after-school enrichment programs, kids under the guidance of a teacher are also able to meet other kids who share the same passion and interests such as art, music, drama and more. When this happens, they would have the chance to interact with others who are not in their school’s social circle and hence increase their exposure to meet other people. With other kids of the same interest, it may also help them feel a sense of belonging and confidence to try something new.

Building of Different Skills

You may intend to sign your kid up for certain after-school enrichment programs such as robotics, but the learning doesn’t just stop at robotics alone. Through fun learning ways such as experiments and group work, you may be surprised that kids will also pick up other different skills. Important life skills such as accepting criticism, learning to be receptive towards feedback and teamwork are also detrimental in helping them get a head start in life. They would also gain confidence when working with kids they have not met before in school and learn different skills such as initiating conversations and showing respect towards others.

Gaining New-Found Knowledge about Different Careers

Most after-school enrichment programs offer engaging lessons that introduce kids to different career opportunities. From the time away from school and academics, they can explore the different careers available in a fun way and gain knowledge about them before making an educated decision on what they want to do when they grow up.

After-school enrichment programs is a good balance of both learning and fun at the same time. Kids may develop a stronger interest in what they are passionate about, have a head start deciding what they want to achieve in the future and to develop other skills they may not have a chance to do in school. At the same time, parents will have less concerns about how they might spend their time productively after school.

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