Today, after school classes can encompass a wide array of focus areas, including art, child development, mentoring, academic support, recreation, and much more. Activities in which young children engage while outside of school hours are important to their overall development.

At Home Away Child Care Center, we fully understand the importance of after school programs for elementary school age students. Our company specializes in providing age-appropriate activities in a safe and fun environment where children can be… children!

About Our

After School Classes

Our after school classes are designed to offer school-aged children both educational and recreational experiences. When your child attends our classes, our instructors will introduce a broad range of engaging child-initiated activities. This way, they can explore and develop their own skills and interests. Additionally, our staff is comprised of qualified teachers who can help with your child’s homework, relieving some of your duties at home. At Home Away Child Care Center, our after school classes are conducted in a state-of-the-art facility and a secure environment.


What We Provide

Areas Of Expertise

Here are the core components of Home Away Child Care Center’s after school classes:

After school art classes from Home Away Child Care Center…

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Dramatic Play

Home Away Child Care Center offers dramatic play classes to…

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Constructive Area

Home Away Child Care Center provides students with a list…

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Writing Center

You can expect a wide array of after school classes…

Literacy And Book Corner Img
Literacy/Book Corner

Home Away Child Care Center provides a list of after…

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Science & Math

Home Away Child Care Center offers various classes for school-going…

What Are

The Benefits Of After School Classes?

If your child is struggling with an arduous subject such as math or science, our after school classes can provide much needed homework help. Our patient teachers can help your child improve their understanding of challenging subjects and train them to become more confident in their learning capabilities.

Our after school program instructors can impart useful time management skills to your child as well. Each class encourages all students under our care to actively participate in activities while allowing adequate time for homework. Balancing everyday school requirements with extracurricular demands is a great way for children to develop self-restraint and discipline that will carry over to adulthood.

Because your child will have plenty of opportunities to start a conversation and join a game, our after school classes help promote respect, support, and cooperation. Picking up positive social skills at a young age can be advantageous in the long run. With proper supervision by our teachers, your child can stay clear of risky behaviors that commonly occur after normal school hours.


Choose Home Away Child Care Center For

After School Classes


At Home Away Child Care Center, our after school classes allow students to explore an assortment of open-ended learning materials. We strive to help them develop a strong foundation for future academic school and life experiences. With the availability of a literacy enriched environment, your child can also enjoy reading books and appreciate the literature world more than ever.

You can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that our teachers have passed background checks and are trustworthy individuals who care about your child’s development.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in our after school classes, feel free to contact us now.