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Gifting the best education to your child during early childhood is what most savvy parents aim to achieve. Finding the right school offering quality education while operating in a safe environment is essential in the building blocks of your child’s fundamental development. In New Jersey, there are several pre-schools that provide a stellar curriculum that can be beneficial for your child. Before enrolling your child in an NJ pre-school, here is what you can consider before making your choice.

Curricular Activities

A pre-school should never be a chore for a child nor just an alternative for a parent to keep their children at a place while they go for work. A school that includes fun and exciting curricular activities will encourage the love of learning in your child. Before deciding on which NJ pre-school to enroll your child with, visit the pre-school of your choice and observe how the activities are being run within the facility. You can also seek feedback from other parents who already have their children in the pre-school.

Parent Involvement

During the precious years of early childhood education, it is important for the parents to be involved in a child’s learning progress. Whether you are participating in a special event, feedback session, or educational tour with your child, such involvement can increase the bond between you and your child significantly. You can look for pre-schools that offer such opportunities in allowing parents to be involved in the child’s education.

Optimal Class Size

An overcrowded pre-school filled with kids should typically be avoided. It is important that each child gets the attention they require and if the academy has too many children to cater to, it will result in some children getting left behind. During lessons, determine the number of children within a class or you can always seek inquiries from the teachers and caregivers. An average NJ pre-school class size should range between 15-20 students.

Health and Safety

All parents will be concerned about the hygiene and cleanliness standards at a pre-school. NJ pre-schools that cater to different age groups should always be cleaned daily to ensure a healthy and safe environment for their students. It is advisable for the parents to find out the daily cleaning schedules and look through the credentials of each pre-school before enrolling their child.

After School Programs

Enrolling your child in an NJ pre-school that conducts interesting after school programs is usually a good choice. When children are involved in varied activities, it will encourage socialization, confidence, and improve the overall learning ability in a child. In after-school activities where children can learn while having fun together, you might find your child developing pro-active habits at home as well as communicating effectively with the people around them.

If you are looking to enroll your child in an NJ pre-school, you can visit us at Home Away Child Care Center; a place where we make education fun and captivating for all pre-schoolers!

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