Interaction between mother and baby

Understanding The Stages Of Play Development

Play is a crucial part of growing up for all children. From singing to dancing, any activity involving fun is defined as play. Beneath all the fun and games for your little one, the benefits of play have been studied and play is determined as the key factor contributing to learning. It is proven that […]

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OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder written in notebook on white table

Parenting Tips For Coping With Children With OCD

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) may be known among adults, however much less is known about children with OCD. Parents of children with OCD may have limited access to understanding this condition which could be frustrating and worrying at the same time. It is important for parents to recognize the signs of OCD and understand why they […]

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School pick up. Mother and kids after school.

How To Handle Daycare Pick-Ups

Attending daycare seems like a common phase of a child’s growing years and everyone appears to have gone through it. After all the grueling process of choosing the best daycare for your child, you may expect that your child will gradually settle into the routine of attending preschool while you can put your mind at […]

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Multiethnic group of elementary school children lying on the floor and playing with wooden blocks after classes

3 Reasons Why After-School Enrichment Programs Are Good For Your Kid

As an increasing number of parents today are spending more time at work and less time at home, after-school enrichment programs become increasingly popular. They often take on the role of not just occupying kids when parents are not around after school, but to also value-add their kid’s education and development and cater to the […]

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Group Of Children With Teacher Enjoying Drama Class Together

Why Should Preschoolers Try Dramatic Play Classes?

Also known as creative play, role-playing, just plain pretending, make-believe, or imaginative play, dramatic play classes are critical in healthy childhood development. Most parents dismiss their kid’s dramatic play as a normal activity of fun, not knowing that this is a positive learning experience that could positively influence various aspects of their lives. Dramatic play […]

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Montessori child development. occupation of the child at home. fine motor skills. stay at home

How To Help Preschoolers Improve Their Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are critical for preschoolers. They help them achieve basic tasks in school and in life. Weaknesses in these skills can have adverse effects on a child’s ability to write legibly, turn pages, eat, and perform various personal care tasks such as grooming and dressing. When you notice problematic fine motor skills in […]

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Painter Small Boy

How to Deal With Difficult Toddler Behaviors

All toddlers make a particular amount of fuss when they are told to do different things such as sit in one place, eat their food, or get ready for bed. There are those who children who comply, while there are those whose ‘no’ is louder and regular. Their tantrums are unbearable and may last longer […]

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Mom with a little daughter in the kitchen. the girl tells something and mom listens carefully to her

Be Prepared To Discuss Difficult Subjects With Your Child

Political turmoil, epidemics, school shootings, natural disasters, death, terrorism, and other disheartening events are some of the headlines we encounter every day in the modern world. Thanks to the internet, children nowadays have ready access to information, which simply means parents must be prepared to explain information to them. However, one of the most difficult […]

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Toddler girl in child occupational therapy session doing sensory playful exercises with her therapist.

What You Need To Know About A Child Cognitive Development

Cognitive development is the process through which children learn how to think and figure things out. This is the start of a child’s problem-solving skills and it is critical that one gets this right. This is because cognitive skills help a child (and adults) to safely interact with the world and to be able to […]

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Preschool class in South African township, close-up

Preparing For A Toddler Classroom Transition

When a toddler transitions to a classroom, the change represents a huge shift in terms of what the toddler is used to. Children get used to patterns and environments easily. Changing them from what they are familiar with can frighten a child and make the transition very difficult. It is important that the transition to […]

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