Self Confidence

How To Start Building Self-Confidence In Children

From where does self-confidence in children spring? It comes from the way competence is perceived. Rather than feeling confident because friends and family praise them, a child should feel confident as a result of their own accomplishments. As they learn and complete new goals and tasks, children can become more self-assured and confident. As a […]

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Diversity kids holding hands and playing at outdoor park

How Can Students Balance Play And Study Time?

Striking the right balance between play and study is what majority of us is unable to do. This is especially true when it comes to studying for important events like examinations. Play time and study time are both equally important. They each contributes towards a student’s overall progress. Our brains are not designed to continue […]

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Vector picture for After School Program

What Kind Of Difference Can After School Programs Make?

Spoiler alert: Yes. Years of extensive research and studies on after school programs have shown that children and young adults who actively participated in after school programs saw many different benefits in varying areas. However, these areas are often linked with one another, such as academics, the prevention of risky behaviors, social and emotional development, […]

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Speech therapist teaching letter a young boy in a classroom

How Parents Can Help With Language Learning At Home

Pediatric speech experts and pathologists mostly feel that language learning at home should be a fun and yet functional process. Studies and research has shown that children are basically like sponges at their formative years. What this means is that they are able to absorb and take in new information at a rapid and impressive […]

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Sad school boy sitting alone on floor at corridor

Top Tips To Spotting If Your Child Is Struggling In School

As soon as possible, it’s best to get your child help when they begin struggling in school and with schoolwork. Because teachers’ learning plans go forward on a continuous basis, children will become more and more lost, the longer it takes for them to get help. Is your child struggling? How would you know? Regarding […]

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How Do Reflective Thinking And Learning Work?

Are you familiar with the term/concept, PDP? It stands for personal development planning. After graduation, it could dramatically improve your child’s employment prospects when combined with reflective learning (reflective practice and reflective thinking). One of reflective learning’s most important aspects is that it helps individuals learn more about themselves in the process. To help students […]

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Bored and Discouraged Student

Why Is My Child Losing Focus In School?

Parents would find it frustrating when they find out that their child is facing problems in school. This is especially when the school environment is a place not within their control and be there for their child. However, having trouble paying attention in school is a common problem among children at some point in time […]

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children girl playing piano looking exciting happy and enjoy with music instrument and be player

Factors To Consider When Evaluating Musical Instruments For Children

Parents would consider sending their children for music classes due to the wide array of benefits regardless of which musical instrument they learn to play. Children who learn music tend to get a headstart in many aspects of life including improved speech development and the ability to learn to read quickly and easily. It is […]

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OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder written in notebook on white table

Parenting Tips For Coping With Children With OCD

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) may be known among adults, however much less is known about children with OCD. Parents of children with OCD may have limited access to understanding this condition which could be frustrating and worrying at the same time. It is important for parents to recognize the signs of OCD and understand why they […]

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