Little band.

Why Do Toddlers Need Exposure To Music?

From an early stage, children will habitually start identifying rhythm and even move along to the beats of music. Music provides cognitive benefits which are able to support children’s early development. In the article below, we will be sharing the benefits that your child stands to gain with exposure to music. Music Raises Sensory Development […]

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Reading a book

Top Tips To Introduce Toddlers To Books

The primary and best tip to share books with young children is to have fun while doing it. If children are engaged and enjoy what they are doing, they will start to learn. When they interact positively with books, they will grow to like reading. This simultaneously encourages them to continue seeking literacy materials as […]

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A young mother talking to her toddler son inside in a bedroom.

Is Your Child Showing Signs Of Being A Late Talker?

If you have asked yourself some of the questions listed below, then your child may have a speech or language delay. Continue reading to learn about several tips you can follow to help a late talker. Below is the list of questions that may have crossed your mind: Should my child already be talking? What […]

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Baby toddler have a fun running in living room with his mother

Ready For Your Toddler Developmental Stages?

Your child can transform from a young toddler to a teenager in the blink of an eye. This is why it is important to treasure the times when your child is going through the toddler developmental stages. Between 18 and 36 months, your child develops so rapidly that some parents might not be ready for […]

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Painter Small Boy

How to Deal With Difficult Toddler Behaviors

All toddlers make a particular amount of fuss when they are told to do different things such as sit in one place, eat their food, or get ready for bed. There are those who children who comply, while there are those whose ‘no’ is louder and regular. Their tantrums are unbearable and may last longer […]

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Toddler girl in child occupational therapy session doing sensory playful exercises with her therapist.

What You Need To Know About A Child Cognitive Development

Cognitive development is the process through which children learn how to think and figure things out. This is the start of a child’s problem-solving skills and it is critical that one gets this right. This is because cognitive skills help a child (and adults) to safely interact with the world and to be able to […]

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Preschool class in South African township, close-up

Preparing For A Toddler Classroom Transition

When a toddler transitions to a classroom, the change represents a huge shift in terms of what the toddler is used to. Children get used to patterns and environments easily. Changing them from what they are familiar with can frighten a child and make the transition very difficult. It is important that the transition to […]

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Instill Resilience In Young Children

How To Instill Resilience In Young Children

Resilience is a skill that helps children and adults cope with disappointments that are part of daily life. While parents often do their best to shield their children from negative experiences, the fact is it is impossible to completely shield the child from all negative experiences.  As a parent, you have little control over the […]

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Two Babies

Why Toddlers And Infants Should Learn American Sign Language

The American Sign Language also known as ASL, is recognized as an international language like any other foreign language. A child that communicates with English as well as with sign language is considered bilingual. By communicating with both languages, it will allow the child’s brain to process information from both sides of the brain. There […]

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