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Striking the right balance between play and study is what majority of us is unable to do. This is especially true when it comes to studying for important events like examinations. Play time and study time are both equally important. They each contributes towards a student’s overall progress. Our brains are not designed to continue studying without rest and they do need their own break. Below are some tips to follow if you wish to learn how to balance play and study time.

Staying Organized

Make a schedule of your daily activities, either weekly or monthly. Use color codes to better identify the different programs easily. There can still be a little flexibility to include impromptu activities. The key is to follow the schedule closely and not change it up every now and then. That will defeat the purpose of making the schedule in the first place as there is no sense of control.


This is a really important tip which will motivate you to reach greater heights. You should already know by now what your priorities are. When you are clear about them, stick to them and follow the list of priorities closely. This is really crucial as it will make you a more disciplined person.

Be Aware of Bad Habits

You are your own judge. You should know by know which bad habits of yours are truly wasting your time. They are a real threat to your study time which you need to avoid as much as possible. It may prove to be difficult at first, but when you are disciplined enough, you will overcome it. If you are unsure about the bad habits that you have, you may ask a friend or a family member. Sometimes, it takes another person’s point-of-view to see something that we are unable to see.

Manage Stress

It is normal to stress out. Do not worry if you feel that you are frequently experiencing stressful episodes. What you need to focus on is not how to beat the stress, but instead figure something out that may distract you from it. Go for a quick run or listen to your favorite song and the stress will slowly fade away. There are different methods that people try to relieve stress. You will eventually find something that can easily lift your mood up during a stressful episode.

Knowing When to Get Back to Studying After Taking a Break

Taking breaks is easy but getting back to studying after taking a break is the challenging part. This is extremely important as you may end up wasting a lot of time during that break if you do not quickly switch back to study time. Always keep a close watch on the time or set an alarm to remind you to go back to studying.

It may be overwhelming at first to study after school but it is important to make it a habit in order to push yourself when the examinations are nearing. Start slow and you will notice yourself making progress gradually.

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