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Children who started reading at a young age will not only allow them to have a larger vocabulary than others but also enables them to communicate efficiently. There are tons of benefits and advantages when encouraging toddlers and pre-schoolers to pick up reading regularly. Here are a few tips we would like to share with you to get you started on your child’s development journey.

How to Encourage Reading Effectively

Often, a toddler who is exposed to books will tend to flip the pages quickly, swap books, or even throw them around. It will appear that they might not be interested in reading or are distracted by their surroundings.

Before you get children to start reading, here is how you can get them to pay attention throughout a reading period:

  • Consistency: By reading consistently to your child during a certain period of the day, it can allow your child to focus and pay attention to what you are reading to him or her. Getting used to a regular routine will allow your child to understand that the reading period is part of daily activity, thus, ensuring a healthy reading habit.
  • Gain Interest: Helping your child gain interest in the various topics such as understanding culture, nature, and languages through a reading experience can not only improve their knowledge but encourages them to read on their own as well. A love for learning in your child is what you can strive to achieve.

Reading at an early age will lead children to a happier and successful life in the later years. Let us get down to the benefits of early readers.

Communication and Vocabulary Skills

When teaching your child how to read, it will allow them to expand their vocabulary and gain an understanding of the meaning of words and sentences. This will, in turn, enable your child to use these vocabulary skills to express themselves during conversations. With a broad range of words to play around, it will allow a child to communicate effectively and quickly.


Reading to your child not only enhances your child’s communication and vocabulary, but it also helps your child understand the various topics about everyday life. By going through regular reading periods, it will allow your child to gain an incredible amount of insights into the world. Equipping your child with a variety of fiction and non-fiction books can also spark interest in various subjects as well as creativity. Having a vast amount of reading can not only improve their knowledge but get them ready for the real world as well.

Confidence and Independence

When your child is equipped with the skillsets of communication, vocabulary, and knowledge, they, in turn, will grow significantly in confidence, tackling new words on their own. With such tools and skillsets in place, a young reader can also develop correct pronunciation independently. Having great confidence and early independence is essential in every learning process to ensure constant improvement.

Excel in Studies

When children start reading at an early age, they might come across several topics such as mathematical problems, science subjects, or historical events while engaging in reading materials. These are subjects they may face during school and are already familiar with at the beginning. For that reason, it will allow them to grasp such topics easily and potentially help them excel across the board.

Develop Language Skills

Children being exposed to vocabulary and communication at an early age will find it easier to pick up more than one language. When they develop strong basic skills of learning how to read and communicate effectively, it will encourage them to use the same skillset and apply them to different languages independently.

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