After school art classes from Home Away Child Care Center are designed to provide a channel of artistic exposure to school children. The class utilizes various art mediums which are fun and engaging to encourage full participation by every student at our center. Activities that are organized under this class follow core education curriculum to maintain a parallel teaching consistency so as not to stray too far from what is being taught at school.

About Our

After School Art Classes

Your children are bound to enjoy every minute spent in our after school art classes. Our instructors can assist with reinforcing your child’s understanding of what was taught during the regular school curriculum. At our center, our students can also use the time to request guidance for their homework, assignments, and more. This system provides them with an opportunity to brush up on their skills and explore on their creativity on a much higher level. Some students may even be surprised at their own hidden talent which they have had on them all this while.


What are

the Benefits of After School Art Classes?

Our after school art classes are designed to help stimulate a child’s love for illustrations, graphics, colors, and shapes. Children will get to learn various techniques which are interesting and fun to further expose them to art from a young age. This will in turn improve their overall well-being and personal development as shown by previous studies.

Children who participate in art classes will also get to nurture their creativity which can be applied not only to art classes, but onto other aspects of their lives as well, such as problem solving, critical thinking, and many others.

What We Provide

Areas of Expertise

At Home Away Child Care Center, we offer a wide range of infant-appropriate programs, including:


Our Art

Classes are Available in the Following Locations

Below is a list of locations that Home Away Child Care Center serves.

  • Union City, NJ
  • Jersey City, NJ
  • Newark, NJ
  • Weehawken, NJ
  • West New York, NJ
  • Guttenberg, NJ
  • North Bergen, NJ
  • Secaucus, NJ
  • Fairview, NJ
  • Ridgefield, NJ
  • Edgewater, NJ
  • Ridgefield Park, NJ
  • Hoboken, NJ
  • East Rutherford, NJ

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Infant Educational Programs

Home Away Child Care Center focuses on curriculum that is age-appropriate and based on the philosophy of a learning environment that is structured to support self-expression and creativity. This approach is widely known and was developed upon the scientific knowledge and learning theory of child development from early infancy age throughout preschool years.

Our classes are carried out in an environment that supports both teacher-instructed as well as child-initiated learning to encourage higher participation rates amongst students and peers. Our curriculum typically drives onwards to reach certain expectations that have been set beforehand. We base our assessments on each child’s main interests and strengths which we will drill on to help them further expand on what the capacities that they are already good at and improve on what they may be lacking.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in our after school art classes, do not hesitate to contact us  today.