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The staff of Home Away Child Care Center believes every child has the right to grow up in a wholesome environment that provides early training in children. Our child care center helps parents by being their partners of education and beyond for their children. Other than academics, we also foster good skills in children such as responsibility, self-confidence and developing their discovered and undiscovered strengths and interests.

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About Secaucus, NJ

Secaucus is a town located in Hudson County, New Jersey with a population of 20,742 residents. The town used to be known for its flowers and pig farms hence was often referred as an agricultural community. As of today, Secaucus is known to be the most suburban town in Hudson County.

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Our educational program located near Secaucus is one of a kind. It is well-rounded, focusing on children’s creativity, problem solving, imagination and experimentation. We shape children to be brave and passionate learners, confident and inquisitive about the world and people through age-appropriate activities. Our wholesome environment fosters academic excellence and active learning of studies as well as beyond, such as arts and music.

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After school classes help children to catch up with school work and subjects they are weak in. We help children with homework and preparation for exams after school. Additionally, your child will look forward to a broad range of engaging child-initiated activities that open doors to opportunities to develop their own passion and skills. Music classes, arts and interactive activities for social development make up a non-exhaustive list of education programs your child will get to enroll in.

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Infants, toddlers, and preschoolers will engage in programs appropriate for their age such as imaginary play, music, art, science experiments and reading. Music, children rhymes, and storytelling are incorporated into daily routines to give your child creative thinking skills and a way to learn language. Our teachers will design theme-related materials daily to engage children at each stage of their development. We guide children as much as we can and at the same time, shape them to be independent too.

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At Home Away Child Care Center, every child receives personalized care based on their preferences and schedules. Our highly trained staff members and teachers always go the extra mile to help your baby grow and learn in a safe and fun environment. We conduct ongoing assessments for your child so we can have a better understanding of your child’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses. From there, we design a unique learning style suited for your child, maximizing his/her productivity, confidence, and shape them to be motivated individuals. We do not limit a child’s imagination or creativity and live the belief of play hard and learn hard.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in our educational programs near Secaucus, NJ, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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