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As soon as possible, it’s best to get your child help when they begin struggling in school and with schoolwork. Because teachers’ learning plans go forward on a continuous basis, children will become more and more lost, the longer it takes for them to get help.

Is your child struggling? How would you know? Regarding their school performance, teens and children are not always forthcoming. This is particularly the case if they are not feeling especially good about how things are going with or at school.

There isn’t necessarily a problem if you see some of the signs detailed below in your child. Everybody can have a bad day or two here and there. It’s patterns that you need to look for. The sooner you help your child, the sooner things can get better. So, the sooner you spot the problem, the sooner you can help.

Watch for these signs in your child:

They Don’t Want to Talk about School Anymore

If your child won’t talk about school, there could be a problem. Something may not be right at school if they don’t want to tell you how their day went, what they are learning, etc. It may be school in general or just one particular subject.

Regarding School, A Major Attitude Change

Your child may not like the way things are progressing at school if they suddenly become angry or distant regarding it. Boredom can also be another type of attitude shift where school is concerned. If they don’t understand a certain topic or something that’s happening at school, they are likely to complain about it, saying that they’re “bored”.

Is Your Child Having Trouble Eating or Sleeping?

Kids who are having issues with eating and/or sleeping may be a sign that they are worried. If their schoolwork has lagged behind others in their class, this could be a problem. Whether they are concerned about their future or how adults will be disappointed in them depends on the child.

Other Signs Your Child Is Having Trouble in School

Here are a few more tips to watch out for to tell whether or not your child is struggling with academics:

  • Low grades
  • Misbehavior while at school
  • Your child’s teacher is showing concern
  • Too much time is being spent on homework (an amount of time that might be considered excessive for the work at hand)

Keeping Your Child Busy after School

Home Away Child Care Center offers your child something to do after school, before you reunite with them for the rest of the day. When a child is left on their own after school, their time may not be spent as productively as it could be. We’ll help keep your child looking forward to a wide range of initiated, engaging activities. They’ll actually be able to spend time after school developing their own skills and interests.

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