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Home Away Child Care Center believes that learning does not have to be a chore. This is the reason we go out of our way to incorporate music and dancing into our program. This helps the children to develop creative thinking skills that can help him or her to tackle problems much later. Giving your child a head start in life is what we do.

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About Weehawken, NJ

The town of Weehawken is located in Hudson County, NJ. The township is home to approximately 13,000 people and the name is derived from a Native American term meaning ‘maize land.’ The township was the last stop of the West Shore Ferry which did its last run in 1959. The township itself was founded in 1859 and was formed from sections taken from Hoboken and North Bergen.

The township is served by the Weehawken School District which comprises three schools. The township has a total of 119 classroom teachers.

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If you are looking for good educational programs that are located near Weehawken, come to Home Away Child Care Center. We are confident that great learning happens when an educational program combines creative expression with a well-structured learning environment. By helping set the foundation for ‘difficult’ subjects early enough, children are able to learn easily when they get to the classrooms. They are also able to enjoy the learning process, a critical factor in the education of a child.

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Our after school programs combine both aspects of education and recreation. This makes it a fun process for the kids. We understand that each child is unique, and our teachers are trained to use that to help the child learn at his or her own pace. We are very focused on helping your child catch up with what he or she is learning in school and to excel.

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With pre-school and infants, our daycare center is a place for fun and happy games. We take the kids through songs, creative activities and much more to keep their growing minds stimulated. We also ensure that the children get enough sleep as that is part of the growth process. You can count on us to ensure that you get a report about your child’s sleep and diaper change schedule.

Choose Home Away Child Care Center for Educational Programs Near Weehawken, NJ

Home Away Child Care Center is your preferred choice of daycare. We have a team of teachers and other child-care experts who will go out of their way to ensure that your child is safe and comfortable. We work to provide a healthy and clean environment for your children while at the same time encouraging them to develop a positive self-image. Our creative activities are designed to help the children develop new interests or foster others that they have already identified. This all-round development of the child means that you end up with a well-rounded child who can face the future with confidence.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in our educational programs near Weehawken, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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