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At Home Away Child Care Center, we strive to create a great environment for the children to grow and learn. We also ensure that you are part of the process through our regular reports that we share with you about your child. If you are looking for a great childcare center near West New York, come to our daycare center. Our teachers have years of experience and we understand how to make learning fun and effortless for your child.

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About West New York, NJ

The town of West New York is located in the County of Hudson, NJ. There are about 50,000 people who live in this town and is a very densely populated town. The township came into existence in 1898 and was soon a major hub for textile manufacturing. The town has seen a gradual transformation from being an industrial town to a residential area. It lies adjacent to the township of Weehawken.

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West New York, NJ

When one is seeking educational programs near West New York, it is critical to look for one that focuses on the development of the child both socially and academically. Social development gives the child self-confidence to tackle any major life challenges and manifests as self-confidence. At Home Away Child Care Center, we ensure that your child gets the head start he or she deserves to give them future success.

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West New York, NJ

Our after school programs aim at helping the child catch up with school work, especially in subjects that he or she may be struggling with. Our teachers help your child with homework so that takes away the burden from your shoulders, especially after a long day working.

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West New York, NJ

Infants, toddlers, and other young children love our child-development programs as they are designed to help them develop their young minds while having fun. We understand that children learn in a natural intuitive way and we tailor our programs to take advantage of this fact. Music and children rhymes are also incorporated into the process to give your child creative thinking skills.

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At Home Away Child Care Center, you can always depend on us to give your child the best. Our highly trained staff members and teachers always go the extra mile to help your baby grow and learn. We know that all children are individuals, so we never use a single approach for all children. Instead, we take our time to learn your child’s strengths, fears, and interests. This way, we work with your child with all these factors in mind. This high level of attention ensures that your child develops a high degree of self-confidence to enable them to solve problems in the future and to contribute positively to society.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in our educational programs near West New York, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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